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A Use Case for Low Code Automation: Unleashing the Power of PhantomBuster

In the general sense, most of us grasp the concept of no-code and low-code solutions in workflow automations. But architecting specific ways these solutions can benefit one’s particular organization may require a bit more innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. So to get our digital technical project management creativity a boost, read on for some use case examples using the popular automation tool PhantomBuster. It may spark ideas for one’s own workflow solutions.

PhantomBuster offers robust solutions for automating online tasks, making it an efficient, affordable  choice for organizations in many situations. Some of the top features include:

  • Streamlines Workflow: Automates repetitive tasks such as data scraping, lead generation, and social media management, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Enhances Data Collection: Efficiently gathers and enriches data from social media and professional networks, providing actionable insights for targeted marketing and outreach strategies.
  • Boosts Productivity: Allows users to focus on high-value activities by handling the tedious aspects of digital marketing and sales processes.
  • Customizable Solutions: Offers a variety of “phantoms” that can be tailored to meet specific automation needs, ensuring flexibility across different digital platforms.

Sounds great, right? OK, but how might one use it?

Transforming LinkedIn Outreach with Phantom Buster

Let’s give some use cases that utilize the professional platform of LinkedIn, a social media platform for professionals that helps build relationships, find jobs, and research companies. According to LinkedIn, it is the world’s largest professional network, with over 850 million members and 1.6 billion monthly visitors. As one can surmise, a network this size harbors vast potential for leads and valuable business connections, making it a fertile ground for digital outreach. PhantomBuster, with its comprehensive suite of LinkedIn automation tools, empowers users to glean potentially valuable information from the platform with ease and efficiency.

Exporting LinkedIn Profiles Efficiently

The first way PhantomBuster could be used is to quickly and efficiently collect LinkedIn profile URLs. There are a number of ‘phantoms’ that could utilized to achieve this, such as:

Comprehensive Data Scraping and Utilization

Once the above data has been collected, one can use the LinkedIn Profile Scraper to return all the available data from the profile URL – name, job, company, education, contact data (including email addresses), and more. The information from the scraped leads can then be utilized for outreach campaigns.

Leveraging Phantom Buster for Enhanced Lead Generation and Engagement

That’s a lot of very valuable data! And here are a few suggestions on how to next use it:

  • Strategic Data Enrichment: Use the AI LinkedIn Profile Enricher  phantom to better structure the data, or gain insights utilizing their AI. For example, one could ask the AI Profile Enricher if the LinkedIn user profile matches the organization’s ideal customer profile  (ICP), ask it for an estimated salary range (useful for recruiters), or ask the AI to narrow the location data to targeted areas. 
  • Crafting Personal Outreach: Use the AI LinkedIn Message Writer  phantom to customize specific outreach or connection request messages to leads before sending connection requests or use the LinkedIn Outreach  flow to start your lead generation outreach
  • Efficient CRM Integration: Streamline the lead management process and engagement strategies by sending enriched data to CRMs via phantoms such as the Hubspot CRM Enricher, SalesForce CRM Enricher, or Pipedrive CRM Enricher, and others.
  • Export data: Download the data as a CSV file and upload in Excel, Google Sheets, or any tool that takes CSV as input

Adhering to Best Practices for Maximizing Phantom Buster’s Potential

Run at a Moderate Rate 

Running Phantoms at a moderate rate is crucial, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, due to several key reasons:

  • Avoiding Rate Limits: Social media platforms, including LinkedIn, have rate limits to control the amount of data a single user or application can request within a certain timeframe. Excessive requests can trigger these limits, leading to temporary or permanent restrictions on one’s account.
  • Maintaining Account Integrity: Rapid and frequent automated actions can mimic the behavior of bots or spam accounts. Platforms like LinkedIn closely monitor for such activities to protect their users’ experience. Excessive automation detected on an account can lead to penalties, including account suspension or ban. YIKES!
  • Preserving Platform Stability: The limitations also serve to maintain the stability and performance of the platform. Overloading the system with automated requests can degrade service for all users, prompting platforms to enforce strict usage policies.
  • Ensuring Ethical Use: Moderation encourages the ethical use of automation tools. It helps ensure that the tools are used for legitimate purposes, such as enhancing productivity and efficiency, rather than for spamming or manipulative practices.

LinkedIn, in particular, might penalize accounts engaging in excessive automation by limiting search capabilities, restricting the ability to send connection requests or messages, or in severe cases, suspending or permanently banning the account. PhantomBuster recommends scraping a maximum of 80 profiles per day, spreading it out across several launches within working hours for safe scraping.

Maintaining Session Cookie Integrity

Another issue to watch out for is an expired cookie session. If an automation that was working suddenly stops, this is the first thing to check. If the cookie has expired, one will need to manually reconfigure the cookie within the PhantomBuster settings.

Conclusion: Embracing The Power of Automation 

By automating tasks such as lead generation, data analysis, and personalized outreach, one is free to focus on the strategic endeavors and personalized interactions that improve organizational goals. Embracing Phantom Buster’s or any other automation tool’s capabilities starts with experimentation. Familiarizing oneself with the available tools and assessing their alignment with  business needs can unlock new avenues for growth and efficiency.

Ready to leverage the full potential of no-code and low-code automation? Contact the pros at TPS to begin the transformation.